About Us


Malaysia Club of South Australia Inc. (MCSA) is a non-profit community-based organisation incorporated in South Australia in March 2010.

The club was formed by Malaysians and former Malaysians who are permanent residents in South Australia with the mission of bringing together Malaysians, former Malaysians in South Australia, and friends of Malaysians through educational, social, cultural and economic activities.

Since its inception, the Club has held regular functions for its members and has organised events, some of which were sponsored by the Adelaide City Council, the State Government of South Australia and others. The Club has also assisted and participated actively in events organised by the government authorities and other community groups. These events have been well attended and supported by local, state and foreign dignitaries, leaders and members of other communities.

The primary objective of the club is to promote and share the Malaysian ways of life to the broader community of South Australia, helping to promote and maintain greater friendship and harmony among Malaysians, former Malaysians and other communities as well as to foster a closer link between South Australia and Malaysia.

MCSA aims to  promote the beauty of Malaysian cultures, cuisines, festivals and also gather a pool of Malaysians (migrants, students, regular visitors) together. This club will cater for social, cultural, community and sports activities and also include a student membership (for students from Malaysia on a student visa).


Welcome Message

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website. Malaysia Club SA is a new association which was officially launched in May 2010. Of course Malaysians and former Malaysians have lived in Adelaide for decades. Hence it may come as a surprise to some that a social and community club such as this has only recently come into being. However due to the nature of our busy lifestyles most are time poor and it is difficult to set aside time for other activities besides family and work.

It was fortunate that there was a group of people who were willing to devote some time to the formation of the club. The protem committee was formed in late 2009 with this in mind. The committee members were George Chin, KS Kuang, Christina Yeow, Eric Lai, Evelyn Yap, Wei Yee, Betty Lee, Susan Lee, Ken Soon, Jenny Koh, Richard Chong and Jamieson Lim. Hau Pehn Yapp kindly offered to be the honorary legal adviser and Hassan Salleh was and still is our honorary advisor.Many thanks to this group for their efforts towards the formation of the club.

After the launch in May 2010 we had a number of activities organised by the club and MCSA also participated in various community events. In a short 12 months our membership numbers increased to 80. We are hoping that the support for the club will continue and the membership numbers will further increase this year.

It is a club with no political or any other agendas besides being a conduit for the community to network and interact with each other. It allows an opportunity for new migrants, international students and any other interested member within the community to interact with each other and people of Malaysian descent.

The club aims to help new migrants in their settlement in South Australia and committee members are always willing to offer some of their time towards this.

MCSA realises the importance of food to Malaysians. This is a great common thread which naturally encourages all to congregate to share in their love of food and good company.

Since its inception a badminton club has also been formed in March 2011. Many other activities are planned including bowling nights and dinners in the near future. As a self-funding club much of its monies are through fundraising by its committee through setting up food stalls and from corporate sponsors. NAB has been kind enough to cosponsor two of our events and SA wines one of our dinners.

At the AGM in Oct 2010 the new committee came on board and it is a hardworking committee that works well together. The vision is that MCSA will become a significant of the South Australian community and I think this is not an unrealistic aim given the level of interest that has been expressed by many since its formation.

Thank you very much to those who have joined as members and I encourage many more to consider joining the club. MCSA can only be successful through the support of the community. As our membership grows so does our ability to contribute towards the general South Australian community at large. The website will be regularly updated and will contain information on future events. I hope to see and meet all those that have visited this website in our future events.

MCSA Commitee