The 2013/2014 MCSA Committee Members

President Betty Lee
Vice President Wei Yee Soong
  Sharon Chua
Treasurer Pavani Paramasivam  
Secretary Darren Song
Committee Members Evelyn Yap
  Amanda Cheng
  Kenz Lim
  Edwin Wong  
  Judy Ngei
  John Ong  
  Christina Yeow
  Nermalla Khoo  


Hon. Legal Advisor

Paramjit Budwal (Barrister & Solicitor)


President's Message

With the Lunar New Year celebration officially ended, let me thank all of you for making our celebration of the Year of the Snake at Ming's Palace last Saturday such a great success and incredibly joyous occasion. It would not have been the same without your support and spontaneous participation throughout the night.

The MCSA as most of you are aware is still a very young organisation, at the threshold of our third year since its launch in May, 2010. However, as we have expressed time and time again it was only through your constant and loyal support that we have arrived at where we are today and it is our desire and hope to continue to bring you bigger and better events in the future. To this end, we would appreciate your feedbacks and ideas and perhaps even hands on participation should such occasions arise.

Those of you who were present at our recent Lunar New Year Banquet would have heard me and later our Patron, the Lt. Governor Hieu Van Le (also Chairman of SAMEAC) speak about this year's upcoming OzAsia Festival and that Malaysia is to be the the  country of focus this year. May I take this opportunity to emphasise how special and rare this privilege is and it will no doubt be a long, long time before it comes around again, if ever. To this end, I wish to seek your support yet again, our dear members and friends, to come up with ideas as to what we can do to contribute towards the OzAsia Festival bearing in mind that events/functions and activities of the Festival is centred around arts and culture ..... think Kandazan, Peranakan, Mamak, Dayak, anything else on top of the few main communities i.e. the Malays, Chinese and Indians. Honestly, the Malaysian community on its own is so rich and diversed and there is so much we can learn from one another especially with the minority groups mentioned above which many of us are not aware or even ignorant of and which we often tend side step or forget; our lives will truly be so much more blessed and enriched by learning from them. Well, the opportunity is here now, right before our eyes. Let us come together to help bring to the forefront the heritage and legacy of all things malaysian through arts and culture at the OzAsia Festival 2013.

It will be an epic exercise for me to go into details now as there are insurmountable numbers of customs and cultures to cover but as I've said earlier, should you have any ideas/suggestions to offer, please let us know via email or the MCSA Facebook and we shall contact you to discuss further. The Festival takes place in September coinciding with the Moon Festival. Details of the 2-week program is not yet available but I believe that it won't be too long before we are told and we shall in turn advise you accordingly.

Once again, on behalf of MCSA may I reiterate by heartfelt thanks to all of you and have a great year.

Warmest regards,

Past President
Malaysia Club of SA


MCSA Past President

Christina Yeow - 2012/2014

Evelyn Yap - 2011/2012

Evelyn Yap - 2010/2011

George Chin - 2009/2010